Heartsfield (Signature Series) First Album - Heartsfield's First Album with 5 bonus live cuts from 1973 - CD


This is the first album Heartsfield released back in 1973. It was recorded at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida, the hottest studio in the country at the time.


"We were lucky to get the studio time there being new boys from Chicago, with the likes of Eric Clapton, CSNY, and the Stones recording in that same period talk about inspiration. We even got to use the Miami Symphony players on a track." says Heartsfield guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Perry Jordan. This is also where the band got their first strobe tuner, a real blessing with 5 guitars going.


The music was created, rehearsed and prepared in an old train station in Southwestern Michigan on a friend's country property. The band slept, ate, rehearsed, recorded, partied, lived the wild life for at least 3 months doing nothing but playing their music and creating the now-familiar Heartsfield sound. Surrounded by a communal group of artists of all kinds it was a magic time with creativity, free livin' and anything goes surrounding the project. Folks brought by food & drink, experimented in variety of sensual joys and danced in the moonlight.


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Track List (Signature Series Edition)

  • I'm Comin' Home / P. Jordan / 3:40
  • Hush-a-Bye / F. Dobbs / 5:38
  • Gypsy Rider / P. Lucafo / 4:52
  • Music Eyes / P. Jordan / 6:25
  • Understanding Woman / F. Dobbs / 4:56
  • Just That Wind / P. Jordan / 5:35
  • The Only Time I'm Sober Is When You're Gone / P. Jordan & P. Lucafo / 3:17
  • Please Save Her Life / P. Jordan & J. Jordan / 6:31
  • Wonder Of It All / J.C. Hartsfield / 1:11


  • I'm Coming Home (Live) / P. Jordan / 3:21
  • The Only Time I'm Sober is When You're Gone (Live) / P. Jordan & P. Lucafo / 3:20
  • House of Living (Live) / P. Jordan / 4:40
  • The Wonder of it All (Live) / J.C. Hartsfield / 2:49
  • Love That Rock 'n Roll (Live) / P. Jordan / 2:48
  • Total Running Time: 59:03