Way back on Friday, March 1,1974, the Reader published the "Reader's Pop Poll 1973" which is reproduced below.  We found this in Perry's attic and found it fun and interesting.  Read on!!


Upcoming Gigs

Heartsfield at FitzGerald's Night Club

 —  —

FitzGerald's Night Club, 6615 Roosevelt Rd,, Berwyn, IL

Come on out to the finest music room in the Chicago area. FitzGerald's always has great beverages and a great feel and sound. We look forward to performing some of your favorite Heartsfield songs. We start at 9 PM and go through Midnight. Yee Haw!!

Heartsfield at The Venue in Aurora

 —  —

The Venue in Aurora, 21 S. Broadway Ave. (US Rte 25), Aurora, IL

Heartsfield will be at The Venue in Aurora, IL for a great show at this great venue. The Venue offers a 200 seat auditorium. We start at 9 PM.

Come on out, enjoy the show, and have a tasty beverage!!

The Venue Heartsfield at The Venue in Aurora, IL - 9 PM 21 S. Broadway Ave. (US Rte 25) Aurora, IL 60505 USA 331-212-8490

$20 Premium Seating, $15 General Admission

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