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Heartsfield (Signature Series) First Album


This is the first album Heartsfield released back in 1973. It was recorded at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida, the hottest studio in the country at the time.


"We were lucky to get the studio time there being new boys from Chicago, with the likes of Eric Clapton, CSNY, and the Stones recording in that same period talk about inspiration. We even got to use the Miami Symphony players on a track." says Heartsfield guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Perry Jordan. This is also where the band got their first strobe tuner, a real blessing with 5 guitars going.


The music was created, rehearsed and prepared in an old train station in Southwestern Michigan on a friend's country property. The band slept, ate, rehearsed, recorded, partied, lived the wild life for at least 3 months doing nothing but playing their music and creating the now-familiar Heartsfield sound. Surrounded by a communal group of artists of all kinds it was a magic time with creativity, free livin' and anything goes surrounding the project. Folks brought by food & drink, experimented in variety of sensual joys and danced in the moonlight.


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Track List (Signature Series Edition)

  • I'm Comin' Home / P. Jordan / 3:40
  • Hush-a-Bye / F. Dobbs / 5:38
  • Gypsy Rider / P. Lucafo / 4:52
  • Music Eyes / P. Jordan / 6:25
  • Understanding Woman / F. Dobbs / 4:56
  • Just That Wind / P. Jordan / 5:35
  • The Only Time I'm Sober Is When You're Gone / P. Jordan & P. Lucafo / 3:17
  • Please Save Her Life / P. Jordan & J. Jordan / 6:31
  • Wonder Of It All / J.C. Hartsfield / 1:11


  • I'm Coming Home (Live) / P. Jordan / 3:21
  • The Only Time I'm Sober is When You're Gone (Live) / P. Jordan & P. Lucafo / 3:20
  • House of Living (Live) / P. Jordan / 4:40
  • The Wonder of it All (Live) / J.C. Hartsfield / 2:49
  • Love That Rock 'n Roll (Live) / P. Jordan / 2:48
  • Total Running Time: 59:03


Heartsfield - The Wonder of it All (Signature Series)


Heartsfield's second album was recorded as the band was touring like mad. The boys rented a house in a small Illinois town and moved into an average 1973 American middle-class neighborhood—what a surprise for everybody.


Perry Jordan used to reminisce:  "Here come 12 long-haired musicians, cooks, roadies, and producers with a small army of trucks, motorcycles, stereos and women making for a grand new addition to local population. One thing for sure, the only distractions were at the band house—guess that was the idea."


"On top of that the studio was a great one for sure but of all things specialized in Christian music. The title track, 'The Wonder Of It All,' won a mention in jazz music journal Down Beat Magazine as having a great jazz feel in the song."


This is when Heartsfield started to make more use of different instrumentation such as keyboards, synthesizers, harmonica, horns, banjo, pedal steel, and anything else they could find. This was also the first time they carried a vegetarian cook on the crew, and every night you could find a bunch of wild-eyed fellers at the local burger joint a couple of hours after dinner.


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Track List (Signature Series Edition)


  • Wonder of it All / J.C. Hartsfield / 4:13
  • House of Living / Perry Jordan / 4:29
  • Pass Me By / Phil Lucafo / 3:23
  • Shine On / Art Baldacci & Fred Dobbs / 3:38
  • Eight Hours Time / Fred Dobbs / 3:38
  • I've Just Fallen / Art Baldacci & Fred Dobbs / 3:27
  • Racin' The Sun / Perry Jordan / 8:40
  • Lafayette County / J.C. Hartsfield / 2:38
  • Total Running Time: 35:57


Heartsfield - Foolish Pleasures (Signature Series)



Heartsfield's third album was the first recorded in San Francisco when they moved there from Chicago. The name came from the Kentucky Derby winner that year, so the boys went to the track to do some photo shootin' for the artwork on the LP jacket.


Foolish Pleasures sure fit the crazy life style they were goin' through at the time. Constantly touring, the road created the backdrop to indulge in a huge variety of pleasures, many of which could have fallen into the category of foolish.


The music took a slight turn to more variety in styles on this album. With "Another Man Down," they broke their record for song length (about 11 minutes), added a sax solo by sound mixing engineer Tom Geving, and delivered a harder edge. "Magic Mood" also stretched out with a more ethereal approach and Phil won the sustain award for the longest sustaining guitar note on a Heartsfield record. "Honest Junkie" was an extreme boogie woogie with some harmonica added and, of all things, some swing harmonies. With "As I Look Into The Fire," kind of a country/island thing, the boys were again going to some new places. But you can't take the country rock out of the boys for too long so with "Nashville," "Rockin' Chair," "Drummer Boy," and "Needing Her," that heritage was coming on strong. Banjo, fiddle, pedal steel and sweet harmonies flowed like warm honey on a buttermilk biscuit.


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Track List (Signature Series Edition)


  • As I Look Into The Fire / Perry Jordan / 5:16
  • Magic Mood / Perry Jordan & Beth Reynolds / 6:32
  • Nashville / Phil Lucafo / 3:56
  • Drummer Boy / Fred Dobbs / 5:57
  • Rockin' Chair / Fred Dobbs / 3:21
  • Needing Her / Greg Biela / 4:31
  • Honest Junkie / J.C. Hartsfield & Perry Jordan / 4:10
  • Another Man Down / Perry Jordan / 10:13
  • Total Running Time: 43:56


Heartsfield - Collectors Item (Signature Series)


"I Like It A Lot," "Rock and Roll Farm," "Lost Love," and "Let The Music Play" covered the hard rocking side of the band. "Lost Love" charted on Billboard and kept the band touring extensively, opening up shows with harder rockin' bands such as the Doobie Brothers, Eric Clapton, Ted Nugent, Fleetwood Mac, and even Kiss. Lots of jammin', blazing guitars, and huge harmonies made the evolving band win over audiences of a wide variety of tastes and made them pretty darn universal.


The band had inside jokes about this record and the style variances, calling the songs by names such as "Rolling Heartsfield," "Earth, Wind, and Heartsfield," "Waylon Heartsfield," and "Skynyrd Heartsfield." Yee Haw!!


"All For Nothing" had a fine Texas swing feel with fiddle and pedal steel sounding like Austin, Texas. "Another Night Alone" reached into a R&B somewhat jazzy groove like Little Feat, and "Seeds Of Doubt" is a lamenting ballad drenched in emotion. On "Let The Music Play," the band returned to adding a horn section that kicked the song up a notch. "Southern Girl" was the only song Heartsfield ever recorded by an outside songwriter and is a sweet southern rock ballad.


This was the last album by all the original members so, as fate would have it, the title became prophetic. Some of the album was recorded at the legendary Wally Hieder Studios in San Francisco, where everyone from the Jefferson Airplane to the Grateful Dead recorded. The rest was recorded at the Automatt (Automated Recording Studio) in San Fran, the first fully automated studio in the country.


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Track List (Signature Series Edition)

  • I Like It A Lot / P. Lucafo / 3:45
  • Southern Girl / P. Wells / 5:58
  • All For Nothing / G. Biela / 3:31
  • Another Night Alone / F. Dobbs & A. Baldacci / 4:40
  • Let The Music Play / P. Jordan / 4:45
  • Lost Love / P. Jordan / 5:45
  • With These Tools / F. Dobbs / 4:55
  • Rock & Roll Farm / P. Lucafo / 4:18
  • Seeds of Doubt / F. Dobbs / 5:19
  • Total Running Time: 42:57


Heartsfield: The Writer's Tapes


Here is a collection of recorded songs from behind the scenes at Heartsfield. Songs grow from the intimacy of the writer with an idea, an instrument and an inspiration. These inspirations come from the emotions of living, experiences, or imagination; they are a songwriter's life-blood and treasure.


These songs were recorded at various studios, at various stages of the production process, and many times the original demos or pre-production recordings captured more of the energy, emotion, innocence, and rawness that the artists felt from the initial inspiration


Heartsfield has a long history of songwriting and recording and we wanted to share with our friends and fans a look at what made us groove, laugh, cry, sweat, get frustrated and keep on workin’ to write the best next song we could. These songs are not polished album productions (although most were recorded in pro studios), but they are real looks at where songs start, the times of experimentation, creating just for the fun of it, and letting it flow with no corporate pressure to make a commercial hit.


The recordings were created from 1977 to 1999 at different locations, with different producers and engineers, some were even done by the band itself at their own studios. So please enjoy these inspirations and grooves and join in our world a bit.


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Track List

  • Change My Tune / P. Jordan / 5:42
  • Better Days* / P. Jordan & F. Dobbs / 5:33
  • Chicago's Got The Country* / P. Jordan / 4:34
  • The Only Time I'm Sober's When You're Gone / P. Jordan & P. Lucafo / 3:42
  • It's Love* / P. Jordan / 3:59
  • Forever Has An End / P. Jordan / 5:32
  • True Love* / P. Jordan & F. Dobbs / 4:03
  • Temptation / P. Jordan / 4:59
  • 200 Hearts* / P. Jordan & A. Baldacci / 5:02
  • Roll With The Punches / P. Jordan / 4:53
  • Something Ain't Right* / P. Jordan & Pirate / 4:59
    * these songs not previously released
  • Total Running Time: 52:58


Heartsfield - Rescue the Dog


Rescue the Dog is the first all-new album from Heartsfield since 1977, as the band was put back together in 1999  by one of the original founders, Perry Jordan, who got the fellers back in the studio.


Recorded more in the tradition of the first album, Rescue the Dog features blazing guitars, mandolin, acoustic guitar, harmonica, and huge harmonies.


The songs were all penned by Jordan and the new band is full of great musicians. Recorded at Studio Chicago, the album takes a straight-forward approach by not relying on big production, but hot pickin' and good songs.


Perry Jordan wrote about his tracks:


"Temptation" lyrically is about restraining from some of the seductive temptations we all face in marriage and life. Musically, it reaches into roots music.


"Can't You See" takes on a very cool aura of its own with a dream-like mood that will capture you. With some mystical slide guitar playing and big vocals, this song is a movie waiting to happen.


"Just So Hard To Do It" is a hard rockin' let's go tune. With guitar jammin' similar to Lynard Skynard or The Outlaws, the song is about being happy, following your dreams in this modern life, and blazes on.


"Change My Tune," one of Heartsfield's most requested songs, is a glimpse at a point we all face, when we have to take a look at how hard we party through life and slow 'er down a bit.


"Just That Wind" a true folk rock song that takes a journey to jam land and back. Feelin' free and livin' that way is the theme and the music makes ya feel that way. This one will let you know Stephen Stills was Perry's mentor.


"Forever Has An End" is a haunting ballad about losing love and features the great harmonica player Corky Siegel, who just makes the song drip with soul.


"Can't Have It All" is a low-down hoe-down with mandolin, dobro, and hot country pickin'. Can't feel bad while this track is on. Jam Grass was always part of Heartsfield anyway.


"See You In My Dreams" is a song about the many, many miles of being on the road and thinking about the loved ones back home. This is a guitar army wall of pickin' that drives on hard.


"Roll With The Punches" another hard driver will get ya movin' and groovin' with some plain ole' rock and roll guitar funk. Add in some hard singing female vocalists, and the boys are taking no prisoners here.


"Music Eyes," originally done on the first album but re-recorded for this disc, was the Heartsfield anthem that is a thank you song to their fans. Big guitars, big vocals the tune is a good mixture of all Heartsfield was and is about.


"Rescue The Dog," the title track, is the true story of a very, very funny dog rescue. It is a hidden track that only comes on 2 minutes after the last song on the track list, "Music Eyes." (There have been lots of surprised folks when they just let the CD player roll... Ya'll gonna get a good laugh on this one.)


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Track List

  • Temptation / 5:15
  • Can't You See / 6:43
  • Just So Hard To Do It / 5:21
  • Change My Tune / 4:45
  • Just That Wind / 9:30
  • Forever Has an End / 5:30
  • Can't Have It All / 4:02
  • See You In My Dreams / 4:56
  • Roll With The Punches / 5:46
  • Music Eyes (with Rescue the Dog) / 14:47
  • Total Running Time: 66:35
    All Tracks by Perry Jordan


Heartsfield - Rockin' The Country


Many fans have requested a best-of CD, so we have put together a two-disc set. These CDs will take you down a long country lane, through the back roads and let you float away on a warm country breeze, uninterrupted by that ole' rock and roll thaing.


Disc One, called "Vintage Amps," contains many of Heartsfield's rocking guitar tracks, thirteen in all. The second disc, called "Sweet Country Melodies," features seventeen Heartsfield country tunes from "8 Hours Time" to "All For Nothing" to "Lafayette County."


With 30 tracks, Rockin' The Country makes a great gift to turn on friends or family to a ton of Heartsfield music and let them get a full idea of what the band is about.


We have also added some unique features to one of the CDs, which is an Enhanced CD.  This means that you put it in your computer and you can see some photographs of the band from 1973 through 1999, the period of the first 5 albums, which you have not previously seen.  Enjoy!!


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Track List

  • Disc One - Vintage Amps / 70:17
    • Hush A Bye / Fred Dobbs / 5:36
    • Eight Hours Time / Fred Dobbs / 3:34
    • I'm Comin' Home / Perry C. Jordan / 3:37
    • Understanding woman / Fred Dobbs / 4:50
    • The Only Time I'm Sober / Perry C. Jordan & Phil Lucafo / 3:12
    • Wonder of it All / J.C. Hartsfield / 4:11
    • I've Just Fallen / Art Baldacci & Fred Dobbs / 3:24
    • Nashville / Phil Lucafo / 3:49
    • Lafayette County / J.C. Hartsfield / 2:35
    • All For Nothing / Greg Biela / 3:27
    • Drummer Boy / Fred Dobbs / 4:47
    • With These Tools / Fred Dobbs / 4:47
    • House of Living / Perry C. Jordan / 4:25
    • Needing Her / Greg Biela / 4:19
    • Can't Have It All / Perry C. Jordan / 3:47
    • Change My Tune / Perry C. Jordan / 4:42
    • Rescue The Dog / Perry C. Jordan / 4:10
  • Disc Two - Sweet Country Melodies / 74:20
    • Like It A Lot / Phil Lucafo / 3:41
    • Rockin' Chair / Fred Dobbs / 3:14
    • Shine On / Art Baldacci & Fred Dobbs / 5:02
    • As I Look Into The Fire / Perry C. Jordan / 5:10
    • Just That Wind / Perry C. Jordan / 8:32
    • Lost Love / Perry C. Jordan / 5:38
    • Gypsy Rider / Phil Lucafo / 4:36
    • Magic Mood / Perry C. Jordan & Beth Reynolds / 6:21
    • Let The Music Play / Perry C. Jordan & Phil Lucafo / 4:41
    • Another Man Down / Perry C. Jordan / 10:13
    • (Don't Wake) The Sleeping Giant / Perry C. Jordan & Dave Nelson / 4:21
    • Roll With The Punches / Perry C. Jordan / 5:05
    • Music Eyes / Perry C. Jordan / 7:46
  • Total Running Time: 2:24:37


Heartsfield - All Over the Place


The fans spoke and Heartsfield listened, so the newly-reformed band released its first live CD. The requests came from all the venues they were playing so they decided to include concerts, clubs, live radio performances and throw in their latest studio recording.


Since this covered all the bases, it is a real look at the fellers just a pickin’ and burnin’ up the stage and air waves.


From the festivals...

All Over The Place starts out with two concert tracks at a show the band did at a warm summer outdoor festival. "Drummer Boy," written by Fred Dobbs, with electric guitars smoking and the banjo kickin’ in, is a toe-tapper for sure. "Just That Wind" is from the same concert, and takes a ride down the ole’ jammin’ highway again, letting the band run wild and free.


From the clubs...

We then move on to the legendary club in Berwyn, Illinois, FitzGerald's, one of those magic places Heartsfield came across on the road.


"The Only Time I’m Sober Is When Your Gone" is a favorite sing- along tune where the band and the audience join in together and raise the roof in fun, rowdy singin’. The folks sang well, too, harmonies and all. Heartsfield fans are not shy, that's for sure.


"Racin' The Sun" has always created a special bond between the band and the audience and this version is no exception. Sweet melody and a great romp through rhythm and guitar pickin' takes us on a musical journey together.


"Hush-A-Bye," from the first album, makes the smiles happen and the dancin' start. One of the band's favorite tunes.


"With These Tools." If you like a hoe-down, grab-you-by-the- soul, foot stompin' tune, this is one of the best. Take a bit of bluegrass pickin', mix in some soulful vocals with a good dose of energy, and Tools is what you get.


From live radio...

The band loves to visit radio stations before a show and hang loose, yacking, and playin' some tunes. The songs are done with acoustic instruments around a few mics and were actually the beginning of the Heartsfield acoustic shows. These tracks were heard on KHITS in St. Louis and WWHP in Farmers City, Illinois.


"Just That Wind" by request with a very cool acoustic twist. "House of Living" come on inside and feel the wooden music. "Can't Have It All" take it on down home and feel the spirit. "Tour Bus" is the fellers havin' some fun with "Pork Radio Boy," a friend of the band. Many of ya might recall Pork and the Havana Ducks Band, that's the Pork we're talking about here. The guy is funny and a few laughs are good for ya!


From the studio...

"Don't Wake the Sleeping Giant," written right after 9/11, was a good release for some pent-up frustration and a bit of pride. The song has a great groove and hits pretty hard with some mean slide guitar sound and a huge group of folks singing strong. The tune does its job.



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Track List

  • Drummer Boy (Concert Recording) / F. Dobbs / 5:43
  • Just That Wind (Concert Recording) / P. Jordan / 9:45
  • The Only Time I'm Sober is When You're Gone (Club Recording) / P. Jordan & P. Lucafo / 5:14
  • Racin' The Sun (Club Recording) / P. Jordan / 10:34
  • Hush-A-Bye (Club Recording) / F. Dobbs / 6:18
  • With These Tools (Club Recording) / F. Doobs / 10:57
  • Just That Wind (Live Radio Acoustic Recording) / P. Jordan / 8:12
  • House of Living (Live Radio Acoustic Recording) / P. Jordan / 5:14
  • Can't Have It All (Live Radio Acoustic Recording) / P. Jordan / 4:16
  • Tour Bus / 0:58
  • Don't Wake the Sleeping Giant (Studio Recording) / P. Jordan / 4:25
  • Total Running Time: 71:36


Heartsfield's Perry Jordan - Georgia Flyer


Full of fiddle, mandolin, dobro, piano, washboard, jaw harp, acoustic guitar, slide electric guitars, this CD is Perry Jordan's best writing yet and will take you on a trip down south to rockin' the way they do it down yonder.


A word from Perry Cordell Jordan, producer and artist:


"It has been a 30-year dream of mine to do a full record at my home and it's finally come true. With a studio in the house I started writing and recording away. Thanks to the songwriting goddess, goll dern it, she was still with me.


"I decided to get back to my roots a bit more on this CD and let that Georgia soul come out, sort of a Southern swamp/Memphis sound. It felt really great to reach into that part of my soul. I wanted the music to feel down-home and straight-forward; you size it up and see if it worked. I decided early on that I wanted to do almost all of the recording in pajamas; a young lady even gave me a set of monogrammed 'RECORDING JAMS' so at least 95% of the CD was done in PJ's, hmmm, sort of fits with my dern initials don't it!! Now I know it sounds crazy but that was just one more way to keep it as down-home as possible plus they are my favorite garments. So it was me in Pj's, the studio, dogs, fireplace, candles, tons of sandwiches/boiled peanuts, a little tonsil paintin' and many many late hours working away like a mad scientist. WHAT A GAS!!


"I was lucky to have many many great players help me out. Three drummers, 2 bass players, 3 guitar players, fiddler, piano dude and a young beautiful fine singin' gal. The fiddler toured with Brooks & Dunn for years and has become a good friend and as you will hear the boy can saw. Steve, Scotty, Elmer & Dave from the new Heartsfield play their butts off. You'd swear they had just gotten a good ass whoopin' with a switch out back of the smoke house--maybe we should just call 'em the Smoke House Boys from now on!! A feller I have been writing & recording with for pert near 30 years ole' Phil (Sweetwater) Lucafo from the original Heartsfield, brought back some of the magic voodoo he do, so well. Most of the bass thumpin' was handled by Bob Teske who laid 'er down in a down right Memphis fashion, to an extreme degree. After returning from playing in Europe, Melissa Rose sang a tune with me and she has a voice like warm honey poured over a hot biscuit. I co-wrote a song with a gal I have been working with for the last 3 years, Carol Turner, and it's a fine one. I am proud to be her friend; she's purty and has a way with words. Bucket is a song that I, along with Phil Lucafo and Mississippi Stash "our old vegetarian band grub slinger" wrote almost 25 years ago one night on Tequila and some very, very mind-altering substances. Yes, we used to travel and live with a vegetarian cook who tried to keep us healthy while we were touring, UUMMM!! peanut/soy burgers with a side of organic sprouts, smothered in goat cheese. The artwork was done by an old, old friend, Tony Griff, (even wears a beret & paints naked women). He also toured with us doing lights and eating peanut/soy burgers. Filling it out pounding on the ivorys is Scott Stevenson, part-time HF acoustic trio player and all-around straw boss of the keys, then ole' Matt Daley another tubb pounder (no relation to Ernest) with some cajun connection of sorts. And of course easy-on-the-eyes Shannon, that purveyor of recordin' PJ'S. Good to know a gal tough enough to do a little butt kickin' once in a while!


"The songs turned out to hold a lot of my life in them; some are brutally honest but I wanted them that way. It kind of amazed me once I put pen to paper how much of that came out but those magic times when the songs come, you just, if your smart, sort of ride on with the flow. This is my first solo project but the old Heartsfield sound and vibe never gets far away. It feels like I have turned a corner and have found more of a home in this sound and vibe, as you know, sometimes finding yourself can be one of the hardest damn things to do. Lots of great guitar playing and fiddlin', heartfelt vocals and songs of the joys & pit falls of lovin' & livin'. I hope you find them interesting and entertaining. I think this will turn out to be my best work yet at least until the next one. Heck I think you'll love the doggone thing!!!!!!!!


"If I can help make you smile, dance, sing, feel and think that's the real reward for me. I guarantee if you put this CD on at a party, on a boat, in the hot tub, cruising the highway or at the ole' pig roast it will get the smiles a flowin', the toes a tappin' and take away any blues that maybe hangin' around. If you're feelin' a bit down or bewildered by this ole' world it'll make you feel you have a friend right there by your side who understands.


"Stay with me my friends, you're all I really need."



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Track List

  • Georgia Flyer / 5:43
  • The Sway / 5:53
  • Bucket By My Bed / 3:19
  • You Baby / 4:36
  • I Used To / 3:24
  • Deficit of Soul / 5:57
  • Breaking Out / 4:00
  • Open Road / 6:23
  • Total Running Time: 39:15
    All Tracks by Perry Jordan


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